Tombstone Training and Manufacturing

Death and Tombstones are inseparable. When someone dies, family and friends need to remember and honour the life of the deceased. Throughout the funeral ceremony family and friends reminisce, but this happens only briefly during the funeral service.

People need something to permanently remind them of the deceased, a place where they can return to, a visible sign of love for the deceased, and a sign of respect and appreciation of the life of the deceased. A tombstone is a permanent reminder of the life and death of a loved one, therefore a tombstone is a must buy item erected on most graves daily.

Given all the deaths that occur every day, many tombstones are needed. This makes tombstone training a necessity if one wants to start and run a tombstone manufacturing business.

Gone are the days when costly machinery combined with large amounts of money and much time and labour were used to manufacture Tombstones. It is now possible to make and finish a tombstone and erect it on the same day that the funeral service takes place. We will teach you how to make and erect a tombstone. It only takes about three days to manufacture the Tombstone. What is more, when fully trained during the tombstone training workshop, you will be able to make and finish more than one stone a day, profitably and affordably.

The Tombstone, although not made from granite will be able to compete with any other tombstone in the market. Have a look at the beautiful tombstones on the banner at the top of this page. Not one of them is made of real granite.  Not one of them cost a fortune or need any advanced tools to manufacture!

All material used during the tombstone training is SABS approved material and may be used to manufacture tombstones.

Tombstone Training Course in Randfontein, Johannesburg:
Course Dates: 20 - 21 January OR 3 - 4 February 2020.
Course Price: R6000.

What is a Memorial?

If it is legally erected, (according to the rules and regulations pertaining to the particular cemetery bylaws), any work erected on a grave is called Memorial work. 

Any headstone, tombstone, plaque, slab covering a grave, railing, monument, gravestone, inscription, etc. done on a memorial that is legal, is called Memorial work.

This tombstone website will give you the general knowledge and Tombstone Training Course particulars needed to start a business in Tombstone manufacturing. The manuals that accompany the tombstone training will provide you with information to help you understand the rules, regulations, duties and responsibilities of the person who trades in the making and erection of memorials. 

Memorials and tombstones can be erected in most cemeteries on the grave on the same day as the funeral, provided that the burial site is not very sandy or high water tables exist in the cemetery. Grave digging has improved enormously with modern machinery doing all the work.

Cemeteries are developed in sections. The section in which the deceased will be buried depends on the deceased’s will, or the family’s wishes and are many times dependent on the finances available for burial and type of memorial the family wants to erect in honour of the deceased. See New Age Tombstones