Advertising Your Tombstone Business

Advertising formally can be a financial shock to any business. However, if you do not advertise, how will people know of your existence?

Check with your local newspaper, especially the one delivered free of charge to every home. Advertise in this newspaper. Do remember that many people cannot read. Most homes have a domestic worker and she usually takes the paper home. There she can ask her children to read for her if she sees something interesting in the paper.

One of your best advertising is your service. But you have to do excellent services first for the word to spread. Your second best option is the location of your business. Your business should be located where a lot of feet pass. People driving in cars are not as attentive as people that are walking. They will get used to seeing your business every day when they pass it on their way to work. In the time of need, they will remember.

Make sure that your business name is displayed properly and prominently. Make sure that you add to the name of your business, Tombstones. For example: Minnie’s Tombstones. The more people that know about your business, the more business you will have.

If you want to become known quickly, you will need lots of other people to help you with the marketing. If you use this method you will need an excellent brochure.

Always keep your promises. If you cannot due to circumstances beyond your control, let the customer know immediately and remedy the situation to the customer’s satisfaction. Badly rendered service causes lost income!

Keep your business simple and professional. Do not burden your customer with your business problems, but always listen attentively should you be told about the bad day that he/she has had!

Be credible, in other words, be trustworthy. Keep your word.

Constantly be visible to the customer. Always walk around with your brochure and talk to the customer about your tombstone business. Soon everyone will think you are a person that is highly knowledgeable with the subject of tombstones. Sow seeds!

Be accessible. Remember this is your own business. If people cannot get in contact with you easily, you lose business.    

People should also find you easy to talk to and quick to help them solve their problems. Be a good listener.

Be reliable. Always do your best, do what you say you will, if you do not know, go out of your way to find answers. Deliver what you say, when you say you will. Do not let personal problems interfere with your business, be professional and always be on time for an appointment. If you are going to be a little late, let your customer know in advance.

Build good, friendly relationships with customers. A successful future sale depends on this. People always like to deal with a person that makes them feel welcome and good about themselves and about who they are.

Send Thank You notes, Birthday cards, Get Well Soon notes, Congratulation Notes; it’s called relationship marketing. It makes the customer remember you. This one is applicable especially to the people who will bring in the business.

Follow through on sales. Always ask people if they were satisfied with your services. Ask your customers for referrals, people who might need a tombstone. Always correct problems immediately. Happy customers are loyal customers and if they know of other people that needs your services, they will not be hesitant to tell them about you.

If you cannot deliver on time, let your customer know in advance.

Confirm information, delivery invoices, products and services on time. Keep a variety of different tombstones that suit the requirements and pockets of the people in your area.