How To Research Your Tombstone Market

You will need to do some research first.

You will need to find out the following:

What is the income of the people whom your business will be serving? Would you like to serve that part of the nation that is poor? Maybe the middle class? What about those with the much higher income bracket? 

Obviously the more money spent on a Tombstone, the more effort and dedication and attention to fine detail has to go into completing the Tombstone. 

If you want to concentrate on the higher income bracket, it means that you will need premises in a more affluent area. It also means injecting a lot of capital into your business. Inspect your pocket and abilities and start this tombstone business to suit your personal style, abilities and pocket. The wise knows that one must crawl, before you stand, before you walk, before you run.

The problem with any new business wanting to be included in the market is:

It seems that everyone else knows more than you and that is why they have more customers than you. Yes, some people may know more than you, but they started their tombstone business where you did, knowing very little of tombstone manufacturing.

These other businesses do not do business honestly and use unscrupulous methods in gaining business. That might be true, but what you do when you start and run your business is your choice. Customers soon realise who is worth doing business with.

Everyone knows who they are, what they represent and where their business premises are situated. Sure, they have been in the market longer than you, but do they have a website, is their service excellent, do they give back to the community, are you willing to work harder than they do? What you put in is what you get back and nothing happens unless you let it happen!

Others have been in the market for years, how is it possible for me to compete with them. It takes only a few customers to realise that you are different, that you are innovative and that you keep promises. Soon the word will spread, especially with the help of internet marketing through a website. Remember we provide you with the tools.

They have more capital than I have, etc., etc. All, some or most of the above might be true, but that does not mean that there will not be a place for you. Remember, excellent service will make your business excel. 

This is where research comes into play. Actually it can also be called “seeing what the opposition offers” or plain “spying”. What are their prices, services, do they offer something different or innovative? What can I offer that my opposition are not offering, pay your dues and soon, you will be at the top.