New Age Tombstones

What is New Age Tombstones? New age tombstones are engineered to look just like granite, marble or any other colour that the client prefer. With Granite, it is not just the raw stone that is expensive, it is the cutting and especially the polishing that is expensive and very time consuming. Granite and marble are not the only stone that is used to create beautiful Tombstones. Technology and increased knowledge means new products made with alternative substitute materials. These tombstone products are created because of a need for these products.

If the need for these particular tombstone products were not evident, the tombstones would never survive in the market. Yet one has only to visit the graveyards, and many of these New Age Tombstones will be seen. That is off course if you can spot and distinguish the difference between the genuine granite product and the simulated granite product.

Granted, there are some Tombstones that I surely would not purchase, but this is not due to the medium used to create the Tombstone. This is due to shoddy workmanship which has spoiled the beauty of these beautiful Tombstones.

Granite deposits will not last forever and by using other means of creating the Tombstones you will also be able to cater for those less fortunate. It can now be possible to purchase a Tombstone to fit everyone’s pocket.

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