Serving Your Tombstone Market

You have to improve your understanding of what the customer wants and needs. The needs of your customer must always be first and the money will automatically follow. Ongoing Tombstone Marketing is the most important part of your tombstone business.

Sadly not everyone understands the concept of excellent service. There are many Tombstone Manufacturers; all of them are selling tombstones. Are your tombstones the same as everybody else’s?

If you want your business to be successful, provide excellent service and different products than the opposition, and your customer will become your advertisement. One of the many ways that you can be better than the opposition is selling different types of tombstones such as the New Age tombstones that you see above. 

Most businesses have the attitude that people must buy the product, pay the money and go away, until they need the product again. If a customer complains, it makes the owner of the business unhappy! What a sorry state of affairs! 

Your Tombstone Business exists because of the customer. You are not doing the customer a favor. The customer is doing you a favor by purchasing your product or services.

Your business must put the customer first, your activities being solely to solve the problems of the customer. If the customer did not have a problem, you would not have a business. If the customers stop supporting you, you have no business.

The fact is, not giving your clients good service can cost your tombstone business more than keeping your existing clients happy! 

In this instance, your client is the family member that pays for the tombstone. When a close family member dies, all those affected by the death are touched emotionally. When people are in a state of emotion they do things and think things that they would not normally have thought or done. 

Another thing, customers develop the memory of an elephant and the tongue of a serpent. They never forget. And rightly so. 

Incompetent service, when a loved one dies or a tombstone is erected, is unforgivable. It most certainly means no more customers from this client, his family, friends or any one that comes into contact with the deceased family. 

They will make sure that they tell everybody what happened and along the way, sometimes the story will even pick up a tail. Disastrous!

Now, before you envisage people chasing you with brooms, these things can only happen because you or one of your staff members have not personally made sure that the customer is happy with your service.

The flipside of the coin is also true. If the customer is happy, you will not be able to pay with money the potential free advertisement gained. 

People never forget the times when they were emotionally vulnerable and good deeds and service are always handsomely rewarded.

Remember you are dealing with people whom have lost someone near and dear. They have left the last honor, dedication and service that they can give and perform for this loved one in your hands, trusting you to do what they cannot do themselves

Do not leave anything to chance. It is your duty to make sure that the money spent on the Tombstone, no matter how inexpensive or how expensive, is money well spent. The family of the deceased must feel that the Tombstone and your service should have cost much more. This is when your business starts making a name.

Some people need to pay a lot for the Tombstone, i.e. to make up for the fight they had with the deceased before his/her death, to uphold appearances, or simply because they loved someone very, very much. By understanding the reason for the purchase, and the better service given, the more lucrative the sale can be for the seller.

The best cost a lot of money. This means people want to spend as much as they can afford. Find out what they can afford first. Many people will loan money to pay for a Tombstone, even if they cannot afford the loan!

However, some people cannot pay a lot for a Tombstone, simply because they do not have the money and cannot lend it from someone. You must in this instance also make sure that the person that pays less is also satisfied with your services. 

Remember the rand that used to pay for the tombstone is the same rand as the rand paid by the person with lots of money. The same excellent service must be given to the person that pays a lot and the person that does not. This will ensure future references from satisfied clients.

Your business and all employees that you use have to be focused about your product, service and the message that you send the customer. If you want the business, your people will have to be trained properly so that your service is excellent. Your staff must be committed to your business mission, and to fulfill the business mission.